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Lost Wedding Ring Sugar Land, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

100+ Year Old Wedding Ring Lost in Alkire Lake Sugar Land, Texas (Recovered)

I was contacted by Jim yesterday evening regarding his wife’s lost Wedding Ring in Alkire Lake in Sugar Land, Texas. Jim said, his wife Kaye had been sitting out on their dock this evening and accidentally dropped her wedding  ring. Jim said her ring rolled accross their dock and dropped into about 3-4 foor of water. Jim said he and a friend spent a little time in the water searching for the ring, but their search was unsuccessful. Jim said after the unsuccessful search he had located me on the internet through “The Ring Finders”. Jim inquired if I could assist him in the recovery of his wife’s wedding ring. Jim said they had a fairly accurate location of where the ring rolled of the dock and into the water.

I meet Jim and Kaye at their residence this morning and was given a first hand account of how the ring had been lost. Kaye showed me where she had been sitting and where the ring had rolled across dock and dropped of edge.

Lesson #1 if you are using a GoPro camera to capture this, make sure it’s on and actually recording. Kaye had given me a great interview explaining how the ring was lost and the history of her missing ring.

A quick summarization of what did not get recorded , Kaye said she has worn her Wedding Ring for the past 58 years, and it was handed down to her from her Grandmother. Kaye said her ring has family history back to the early 1900’s.

Kaye was saying and explaining what I already knew, the ring simply could not be replaced.

I repositioned the GoPro setting it up on a Tri-Pod to record the recovery. The bottom of the Lake was fairly hard-packed with a thick gumbo clay bottom surface. I felt pretty confident, I would be able to recover her ring based on the bottom conditions (first recovery out of this lake). I dumped each possible target scoop on a plastic sheet and Jim worked through it with his hands sorting through the mud. I had dumped about six or seven buckets when I hit a really nice clean signal near the edge of the dock in the target area.

Lesson #2 Let me back up her for just a minute and talk about the CTX3030, I opted to use the CTX3030 on this recovery, knowing it was going to be a shallow water recovery. I wear the wireless receiver for the headphones around my shirt collar always keeping it dry and well above the water. Interesting discovery today, if you submerge the handle-head unit display of the CTX3030, the wireless transmission to the headphones ceases. The water around the head unit must some how interfere with the signal transmission to the headphones receiver. I had my CTX3030 Gray Ghost headphones packed away in the truck and after a quick set-up adjustment everything worked great. (lesson learned)

I pulled up scoop number eight and could see Kaye’s Wedding Ring in the basket, I looked up to see Jim and Kaye sitting on the dock. I smiled at the GoPro giving it a big thumbs up…LOL now, thinking this was all being recorded. I grabbed the GoPro and hollered over to Jim and Kaye and held up her family heirloom, her missing Gold Wedding Ring.

I could immediately see the happiness and joy this brought to both Jim and Kaye.


















I have often been asked what is the oldest ring you have ever found, and after today I have a response.
















Jim and Kaye where extraordinary people and it was a great honor to return something so important back to them.


Equipment Used:

CTX 3030 wireless and Gray Ghost headphones

Sand Scoop

Nothing further,


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