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Lost Vehicle Key FOB and Keys Found In The Snow In Ypsilanti Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Jingle All The Way…..

…….Got a call from Rhalon saying she lost her keys in the snow while cleaning some debris along her fence yesterday after enjoying the Christmas holiday. When I arrived I noticed that the 70 foot long fenceline had leaf cover, bushes, pickers and thorns making it impossible to swing a metal detector. Learning the keys had pink and red covers along with a coiled red wrist lanyard and green tag on the ring I started to do a line of sight search carefully walking on both sides of the fence to see if I could see any of the colors. No luck, so I started to probe with my pin-pointer where I could find space. As Rhalon was looking in other areas of the yard I slowly and methodically swept the pin-pointer in between the needle sharp thorns and fenceline, each time the probe signaled, I’d scrape the icy ground where I could see if it was the keys or the fence I was detecting. Nearing the end of the row, the pin-pointer signaled. I scraped thru the snow and heard a metal clink as I pulled the object closer, I saw a green tag and the red, pink key covers! Full of pickers, I stood up and jiggled the keys. As Rhalon whirled around I exclaimed Jingle Jingle! Getting back on solid ground she said….. now that’s the jingles I love to hear and was very happy that the keys were found as there was no spares. I said the key to unlocking the mystery of her lost keys was Lock-ation! Lock-ation! Lock-ation!