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Lost Tungsten Ring In The Grass Found In West Bloomfield Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Zero Turn Action…..

….and a cooling breeze from acceleration is what Mark was enjoying while mowing his 1/4 acre property. But somewhere his wedding ring came off while flipping between the mower controls. On site I noticed his visually sharp rows and the scent of freshly cut grass. Using the rows as a guide to grid search, I swung my MXT metal detector coil over the ground with no junk targets or iron riddled soil signaling back. Of all the places to search, I concentrated on the shed area where he was fiddling with the mower. Suddenly a good target rang out thru the headphones. Pin-pointing thru the grass, this very handsome Tungsten ring appeared! Texting Mark to come out to the shed he arrived quickly. Asking if I was on a break from the heat I said no! look down! As he reached down to retrieve the ring he asked ..is this where it was? I said yes and this was the best lawn job I’ve ever done!