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Lost Property Markers (Irons) Found In Rochester Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Brown Is The New Black,

Life for Princess began in a suburb north of Detroit. As a puppy she took quickly to chasing toys and keeping her owners quite active. As she grew and went out on hunts she was proud of her beauty, poise, talent and abilities to serve her master and became very demanding and impatient. You could tell by her expressions and continuous ultimatums when her owner fell short of bringing down game. She loved the thrill of the chase so much that she started to chase anything that flew by in her yard, sometimes taking her into neighboring yards. She’s harmless, everyone knew who she was in the neighborhood and referred to her as the dog with the pretty brown coat. Her owners tried lots of things to try and keep her from roaming and finally decided to put up a fence to keep her in the yard but still give her room to be active. The pictured gentleman called me and asked if I could locate property irons/markers as the fence co. would need them. With my land surveying skills and experience I agreed to come by today. Armed with my Sidewinder and the “treasure” property map we set out into the yard. After a few minutes of detecting in all metal mode, I was able to find all 4 of the irons, very rare, I havn’t done this in quite awhile, as most property markers are gone, removed by someone, rotted, or never were put in at all. The owner was happy that they can proceed with the fence and as we walked around Princess would be watching us, we sensed her laughing at the upcoming change in her freedom even tho her poise, posture and expressions convinced us that the fence wouldn’t hold her back from doing her best….. as she feels brown is still the new black!