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Lost White Gold Diamond Stud Earring Found In The Grass In Maumee Ohio

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

All FORE One

With more recreational activities opening back up, the pictured couple took some time to improve their golf swings late last June.
All was par for the course until hole 6. Swinging her club, she watched the ball hook and go into some bushes. To avoid the penalty of being driven out of bounds, they chased it. Upon recovering the ball and exiting the brush, a branch grazed her right ear. Once back on course, she noticed her gold diamond stud earring missing. These were a gift from her husband over a decade ago. A visual search combined with buying a metal detector and having a person from a local metal detecting club search produced a very high handicap. Quite tee’d off they came to the foregone conclusion it was gone. Swingin’ it one last time they reached out for help. When I arrived on site today I took a read of the other earring stud post with my detector. Armed with the information of my opponent we headed for the brush area. Searching the shaded area where the branch hit her yielded no results. Scanning the thick grass in the direction she exited I got a soft repeatable signal in the range of the earring. Probing thru the grass revealed the backing of the earring. She was thrilled! I realized the stud post would be from this point “fore” ward and scanning about a foot away I got the same signal but a bit louder. Reaching down and probing thru the grass revealed this gorgeous white gold diamond stud earring! I said Lady and gentleman we have a stud! She zoomed over and when she reached down and pulled it from the 3 inch deep, twisted grass I yelled teeriffic! Once outside the grass area she was at a loss for words and could not believe it was found and was ready to give up. Posing for a few pics and chatting a bit we enjoyed the moment, realizing that with this hole in one, we all really stroked the winning putt, the loss no longer put a wedge between them and with driving ambition we can succeed against all odds.