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Lost Sprinkler Valve Box Found In Rochester Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Grass Is Greener…..

……Where You Water It!  That’s exactly how Ollie felt when he turned on his sprinkler system and discovered it was not working. He called me and mentioned I had previously located his property pins 2 yrs. ago and inquired about locating the valve boxes for his sprinkler system. I said sure no problem. He said tree roots and cable tv lines were in proximity and he didn’t want to start trying to find the boxes himself. On site I chose my Tesoro Sidewinder with it’s all-metal mode for searching. Scanning the ground I located the cable tv lines, then scanning a bit further the all-metal threshold sound increased on the metal detector as I traced the size of the metal valves/piping which matched roughly to the shape of the valve box. Scraping a few inches of mulch, dirt and small roots revealed the green cover of the valve box. Moving a bit away I found the second valve box. He was thrilled now that he could make the repairs to the system and excited that his grass will always be greener on his side of the fence.