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Lost Class Ring Recovered in Elkridge, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

I received a call from Langston about 2 weeks ago. He informed me that he lost his ring at a local park. I had a good feeling I would be successful in recovering it as he was very confident in where he lost it. I’ll let him tell you the rest in his own words……….

I had a game at Rockburn Park in Elkridge. Being a creature of habit I follow a set routine. Before I change shoes for the game, I always take off my class ring and watch, and put them in the same pocket in my bag and put them back on when the game is over.  After the game I was sitting in my open trunk changing shoes. I put my watch back on but couldn’t find my ring. I figured it must have fallen deeper into my bag and I just figured I’d find it in the light at home.
When I got home I dumped my bag and couldn’t find my ring. I figured it must have fallen out of the pocket on my bag when I was changing. I went to the field the next morning before work and looked for about 30 minutes in the area where I parked the night before with no luck. That afternoon one of my teammates also looked for the ring. I wanted to find the ring as soon as possible. My fear was that once they mowed the grass at the park, the ring would be irretrievable lost. This was my college class ring, and it had considerable sentimental value, especially since this year is the 20th anniversary of my graduation. I was contemplating renting a metal detector, but I did some online research and many said that unless you know what you’re doing, your chances of finding your lost item are slim. Also, this was the day before the Labor Day weekend. I was doubtful that I could find someone to come out, let alone that they would actually find the ring. I called Jim that evening and recalled the details of where I thought I lost the ring and he said he believed there was a good chance we could find it. We agreed to meet at the park first thing in the morning.
When I got to the park the next morning, Jim was already there waiting. I pointed out the areas that I traversed on the night I lost the ring and where I thought the ring probably fell out. Jim put on his headphones and got to work in the area I thought was the likely ring location. Not three minutes after we started, Jim waved me over and pointed down. Sitting in the grass exactly where I’d parked the night of the game was my class ring. I couldn’t believe he found it so fast.  He said that remembering all the details and narrowing down probable locations was the biggest help to him in finding the ring. Also, the park personnel said they normally mow the grass on Thursdays, but for some reason they didn’t that week. Lucky for me they didn’t!! I would definitely recommend Jim to anyone that is looking to retrieve a lost item. He was awesome!!!
Thanks Langston for the great endorsement and I’m glad the ring is back where it belongs!

Lost Jewelry ,Woonsocket, Rhode Island,

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

 Hi!  My name is Gary Bonin, and I joined The Ring Finders Directory to help people find their lost jewelry at beaches, parks, lakes, and yards.  If you’ve lost something special and need it found, call me.  I can help you find it.  I work on a reward basis if the item is found, 20% of which is donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of RI.  I do ask for a call-out fee of $25 just to cover my gas, up to 50 miles.  For more information, please contact me.