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Lost Rolex Watch with Diamonds in House Found with Dowsing Rod in Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Perfect Pair!

When Latifa was putting summer clothes and shoes away between 2 different locations preparing for autumn apparel her Rolex watch went missing. On the phone I told her I wasn’t tied up and had lots of time on my hands. Describing the dowsing technique I told her most of the time it’s second to noon. On the way to her she said the watch had diamonds around the face. On site I inserted my diamond sample into the bait chamber of my dowsing rod. Entering one room I slowly swept the rod in a circle hoping it would lock onto the diamond watch but I got no attraction to it. As the seconds ticked by I entered the other room and repeating the dowsing procedure I got a weak lock of the rod towards a box of clothes and a wall of racked shoes roughly 8 to 10 feet from me. I asked if she had looked there and she said yes. I stepped aside a few feet and swept the rod again and it indicated the same general area. To kill some time Latifa searched thru the box again while I scanned the shoes with my Garrett carrot metal detector pinpointer. Some shoes had metal eyelets and whatnot so I had to take them off the rack to check them. Dowsing can by tricky sometimes and I started to wonder was the rod delivering second hand information. Slowly moving from pair to pair about 10 pairs later I got a metal signal in a pair of sneakers at eye level that had no metal on them. Lifting the shoe off I lowered it down a felt a THUNK at the heel. Looking down revealed this beautiful Rolex watch! Showing it to Latifa she yelled to the family to come and see that it was found! As time seemed to stand still she wondered how the watch got there and was happy that her sole mates gave up the watch, making the walk a bit easier and how this pair of shoes changed her life like no other!