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Lost Ring in a Grassy Park .. Whittier, CA. .. Found and Returned

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Casey had been watching several children at Sorensen Park in Whittier, CA. While sitting on the lawn she took her white gold promise ring putting it on her backpack so she could apply sunscreen. She got distracted when one of the children she was supervising started to wander off. The ring fell off the backpack into to deep grass.

She didn’t realize the ring was missing for about an hour. Her attempts to locate her most special sentimental ring were unsuccessful.

Returning home that evening she told David, her fiancé. He was able to direct her to TheRingFinders website.

Somewhere about 10am she called me telling me she could meet me at the park around noon. It’s not always easy to have people meet you a the location. Timing is important when items are lost in a public place.

Casey was able to get me within a 50ft. square area. I began my grid search and within a half hour I got a nice low tone in my headphones. Kneeling down with my pinpointer I received a surface signal. The ring was not visible until I pushed away some of the clover grass.

She was several feet away pacing back and forth hoping to spot the ring herself, which does happen on these type of searches. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the position of the sun that helps to see a lost ring.

When, I called her over to look at something she had no idea that I had found the ring. It was special for me to see the look on her face when she saw the ring that she felt was lost forever.

This call was referred to me my another member of TheRingFinders, we always try to work with each other to handle these calls in the best possible way. Finding and Returning sentimental keepsakes is our priority.