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Lost White Gold and Diamond Rings In The House Found In Auburn Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Pair Of Shorts, A Dog, And Diamonds!

This pictured lady was frantic this morning to find out her husband placed her 3 piece white gold and diamond rings in his shorts last night before bed after she left them on the kitchen counter and woke up only to find 2 in his pockets! On top of all the mayhem he was scheduled to leave for out of town business this morning. When her and I started texting I mentioned I could come by but not until this afternoon and the metal detector would probably not work too well in the house and it would be her and I searching in places she and him could look in the meantime. I asked about his sleeping habits like did he get up during the night and was he a sleepwalker…things of this nature trying to get a better feel for the situation. Remaining calm and sensing the frustration I suggested some starting places to look hoping the ring would show up…. the sink drain garbage disposal, bathroom sink drain, along the bed rails, under kitchen appliances and basically just retrace his steps from the kitchen to the bedroom. Suspicion was also cast in their puppy’s direction with the possibility that it was eaten off the floor. She was a former law enforcement officer so naturally everything went on lockdown including the puppy while they searched. So in between texts I got a photo stating God is wonderful! and I knew they had found it! It just so happened that he remembered laying down on 4 pillows in the den playing with the dog and that’s where the missing ring was under the pillows. So I was happy that I could assist thru texts and a bit of detective work to help them find the ring and help save their marriage and get the puppy out of jail! lol