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Lost Wedding Ring in Sea Isle City,NJ Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder

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I received a call from Mark who explained that he had lost his platinum wedding band on the beach a few days before his wedding anniversary which was inscribed in the ring. He stated that he had taken the ring off and put it in the cup holder of his chair so he could go swimming and not lose it,well that didn’t workout to well as he noticed it was gone when he relocated his chair as the tide was coming in. After getting the beach location and time of day of the lose I was able to get the location the following morning. After a couple hours of searching with nothing but coins and trash in my pouch I decided to move closer to the water even though he stated he was not too far down and within a few minutes I received a good solid signal from my metal detector. Scooping up some sand and washing it out I could see the ring in my scoop! looking closer I could see the inscribed wedding date 7-25-08 which was also the date at which I found it 7-25-17! moments later I called Mark who was celebrating his anniversary nearby in Atlantic city with his wife. He was so happy to hear the great news but his wife was even happier and crying and so thankful for my help. We met the following week and Mark was very happy to have his wedding ring back on his finger! Another Great Recovery #99!

Lost Wedding Ring at Ocean View Resorts Campground Lake Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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I received a call from a woman asking for my help finding her son-in-laws wedding ring he had lost in a swimming lake while playing with his kids. she explained that he was really upset about losing it and that it meant the world to him. Hoping I would be able help perform what many consider to be a miracle she asked if I would be willing to come out to the campground where they were staying for the season and give it a try? Securing permission and entry to the lake area upon my arrival we arrived at the beach and Tina & Tim showed me the area where their son-in-law had lost it the previous week. Starting my search moving from shallow to deep water I began a grid pattern waiting for the right signal from my metal detector. After 45 minutes and numerous other coin,junk jewelry and trash items I was happy to see his white gold wedding band show up in my scoop! Waiting and watching from the pavilion on the beach they were amazed when I walked out of the water holding the ring up. We couldn’t wait to send a picture to the couple with the great news that the ring had been found. They couldn’t have been more happy and thankful for my services! Recovery #93 is in the scoop!

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