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Lost Rose Gold Ring in House Found with Dowsing Rod in Mt. Clemens Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Rose Between 2 Tee Shirts?……

….Got a call early this morning from Bri. She stated that somehow, somewhere her engagement ring went missing about 1am. On the way out I learned that she remembered putting it in her shirt pocket and just before falling into bed the shirt went into a clothes hamper. She searched the hamper and nothing was there. On site I noticed 2 piles of clothes close together. Assembling my dowsing rod, baiting it with gold to help form an attraction and extending the antenna I swept the rod to cover the whole room. From about 8 feet away the rod locked onto the clothes pile on the left. Grabbing my Garrett pinpointer metal detector we started to lift and scan thru the clothes. A few articles of clothing down the pinpointer buzzed, but it had buzzed on the zippers/snaps prior. Lifting a tee shirt off the pile revealed this gorgeous custom design rose gold ring with diamonds! Bri was stunned that her ring was not anywhere near what she remembered but thankful that a rose between 2 thorns can take on many forms!