Ring Lost in the Sand for 2 Weeks, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

Friday, July 27, I was out doing a little metal detecting, trying to find a lost ring in waist deep water at low tide, from a month ago. I started talking with Connor, who is a North Myrtle Beach Lifeguard and was overseeing a section of the Cherry Grove beach. During our conversation, he mentioned that his girlfriend, Sanibel, had lost her silver ring in the dry sand about 2 weeks ago. I had him show me the area and told him I’d see if I could find it.

I walked maybe 100 yards to the area and was planning on doing a grid search. On my first line, third target, I had Sanibel’s ring in the scoop. I slipped her ring on my little finger, walked back to Connor, and he asked, “Did you find it?” I held out my hand so he could see it on my finger. He was overjoyed and couldn’t believe it was found. He plans on surprising her with the ring.

Connor and Sanibel, so glad I could help out and get the ring back where it belongs.



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  1. Matthew T. Fry says:

    Great Job Jim. I’m beginning to like dry sand.
    Chest deep, low tide is no fun.

    Matt Fry TRF Myrtle Beach.

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