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Found Mans 40th Birthday Ring in Post Falls Idaho

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Picture this, you turn 40 years old and your family gives you a beautiful ring to remember that day. As fast as that memory was created it was erased by the memory of the ring falling off and making that sound that only gold can make when it falls through the snow and hits the ground. After hours of digging and renting a metal detector this man named Alex became just as lost as his ring. He went home to shovel the new snow from that day and then had to tell his wife that he didn’t find it again. Just then, a friend told his wife about my post on Craigslist. Alex gave me a call,  the journey to the location took place, my Whites Spectra V3i coil passed over that ring, and I am now writing about another happy ending to a Ring Finders recovery.  Watch my shaky video for the excitement footage :

40th birthday gift