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Lost Silver Ring Found in Downtown Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Bees, Fire Ants and Picker Plants……

Were a bit much for this nice wife and husband who called me asking for help in finding her silver ring that slipped off while doing some landscaping today. He listened to a podcast about the ringfinders and decided to give it a go!
The ring is a gift from her mother-in-law who custom made it back in college, that’s why it is unique and un-replaceable. It means a lot to both of them.
I got on site and checked with the MXT in amongst the landscaping beds in both front and back yard where she remembered being. I also checked the 2 bags of yard debris. We took a break and had some water to cool off a bit and recap the situation. I went back out front and swept the area again where hubby was holding back some foliage and got a sweet silver signal that revealed this beautiful specimen! I’m not saying I’m immune to the conditions on this hunt but the bites and scratches were well worth it!