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Lost Platinum and Gold Ring Lost Underwater Found In Silver Lake, Pinckney Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

sHELL Of A Deal!

Recently engaged Rohan was out enjoying the water with family and friends. While tossing a ball around the ring came off. They searched close to 5 hrs without success. We made plans to meet early today to avoid possible rain.

Using my detector pro headhunter metal detector w/ 12″ coil and snorkel mask it was a breeze to grid search the area thru the clear water. I also enjoyed that there were no trash targets sounding off, so I knew when the ring was detected the confidence was there that it would really be the ring. Moving out into chest high water I noticed a slightly rockier lake bottom and more shells. As Rohan was a ways off practicing with the sand scoop I got a solid signal near the buoy marker. Thru the snorkel mask all I saw was a cluster of shells. I double checked the signal.

Taking a deep breath, I descended to the lake floor. On the way down I turned my pin-pointer on and detected a metal item beneath the shells. Moving the shells aside revealed Rohan’s stunning platinum and gold ring just under the sand! Enjoying the moment I stayed there for another 15 seconds then ascended to the surface.  As I surfaced Rohan turned as I held the ring in the air. As he came closer he looked as if he saw a ghost ship or something! As I placed the ring and the shells in his hand I said hey this was one sHELL of a deal!