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Lost White Gold Ring Underwater Found In Cass Lake, Waterford Twp., Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The 7th Wave…..

….As a storm ended a water volleyball game near the edge of a sandbar last Sunday, Sen and his family made their way back to shore in their small watercraft. Upon exiting the boat he noticed his wedding ring missing. Making plans to meet today I was anxiously studying the weather reports. As I loaded my gear the sky was overcast and the wind was picking up. I enjoyed the scent of the lake and the cooling air as we sped towards the suspected location. Upon arriving I quickly noticed the difference in depth of the water. We jumped in and the cooling feel of the water energized and refreshed me. Thru my snorkel mask I could see the bottom quite well and as I started to grid search a few good size bluegill came over to check things out. Shoulder deep in the water it started to roll a bit with the increase in wind. 3 waves went over my head and even with my weight belt on I felt my feet lift from the sandy bottom. My metal detector sounded off on a few targets and they were all junk metal. Moving along the edge of the sandbar I was greeted with 3 more waves as I breathed thru my snorkel. Continuing my grid search I got a good sounding signal, and partially showing thru the sand I saw a silver colored object. Preparing to recover it I was hit once more with a 7th wave, so I took a deep breath and descended down to the object roughly 6 feet deep. Recognizing it as the ring I grabbed it and headed towards the surface. Swimming to where I could stand above water I quickly held up the ring and in excitement Sen moved towards me and was amazed that the ring was recovered! His Dad and brother saw the ring held in the air and steered the boat towards us. On the way back we enjoyed the cool breeze, adventure and success, riding the waves and laughing that it only took 7 waves to find it!