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Lost Diamond Hoop Earring Found In Farmington Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

wHOOP It Up!

The pictured lady experienced a turnover when her earring went missing last week.
Her and her mom jumped through hoops trying to end the losing streak.
We agreed to meet this morning and move around the play area looking for a scoring opportunity.
Scanning the half court, we noticed a soft relaxing couch large enough to sit, sleep, lay down and watch the game.
After that tip off, my teammate and I dribbled and passed towards the end of the court to set up and score.
Reaching into and thru a hoop hole in the material, I yelled slam dunk! as I pulled out this beautiful 20 points of diamonds hoop earring!
We were thrilled that all the hoop-lah was over and that our dunkadelic strategy along with playing above the rim defeated the underdog with a large point spread, putting her earring back in the game, and bringing March madness to March gladness!