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Lost Gold Pinky Ring at Bolsa Chica State Beach Found and Returned

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… Robert had been at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Orange County, California. He was brushing sand off his shoulder when his gold pinky ring slipped off his finger disappearing in the dry sand. He and four of his friends searched for the ring with no success.

One of his friends found my information online. Robert called me explaining what happened. I agreed to meet him as soon as possible, assuring him I could find the ring if he could stay in the location of the loss. 

There was a little bit of traffic and it seemed like I hit every traffic signal with a red light. Robert was there on the beach when I arrived. Fifteen minutes later his gold ring was in my sand scoop. We took a couple photos to celebrate the recovery of his ring then we were all off to return home.

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Lost Wedding Ring in the Sand at Sunset Beach, California.. Recovered with a Metal Detector

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…Michael and his wife were at Sunset Beach, California. They were shooting videos of each other when Michael rolled down a sand embankment. He immediately felt that his wedding ring had come off. The sand was very dry and deep. The ring just disappeared. Then after  they spent a couple hours searching, a person who saw them searching told them about the ring finders website.

Michael called me and I was able to meet him at the site shortly after talking to him. We walked out to the location while he explained what happened. The embankment was actually a steep sand berm that the county puts up to protect the beach front homes from winter storms. 

It was a bit difficult to walk and swing the detector on the steep incline. Everything worked out well and the ring was still shallow enough for the metal detector to give me a decent signal. The ring was recovered several minutes after beginning the grid search. 

Michael and his wife were surprised and relieved that the ring was found. They told me that after their attempt to find the ring. Being totally frustrated they felt it was impossible to find such a small item in a sea of sand.  I told them a metal detector is the right tool to find a ring but you need the proper detector and know how to use it.

Another successful recovery for a happy grateful couple.

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