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Lost Gold and Diamond Ring Found In Rochester Hills Michigan

Diamonds Are a Man’s Best Friend Too!

This nice gentleman contacted me after a week had passed since his rings came off while cleaning his gutters on the house.

He had 2 rings on the same finger, a larger one in front of the thin one. Both flew off his finger, but he was able to find the thicker one. Before I was able to go search I asked him to recheck the gutter system and he did to no avail.

The thin ring was of significant sentimental and emotional value because it was made by his high school friend.

His wife was naturally sad and disappointed thinking about how something that has been cherished for so long can disappear so quickly.

So today on site I set up the MXT and started to grid in the area of the trajectory of where the first one was found.

After a few minutes nothing came up so I widened the search area and got a sweet signal that read +40 in a totally opposite direction from where the first one was found! Pinpointing with the Garrett carrot revealed this little beauty hiding below the grass! Check out how the diamonds are set in there, way cool… have not seen this design before, truly one of a kind and reunited with the family once again!

All in all a great hunt ending in lots of smiles!