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Lost Gold Chain Found In The Sand In Troy Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


Late Friday night, practicing a few shots in preparation for a Father’s day volleyball game, this pictured young man’s gold chain came off as he hit the sand in a defensive move to no avail.
Completely bewildered as to what to do, he knew he needed to find it as it was a gift from his father last Christmas.
We agreed to meet today and search the area where he thought he was. Not knowing how thin the chain was I elected to use my treasure hunting club’s Garrett AT gold metal detector, as this machine is very sensitive to thin/small gold items. When I got on site I noticed the sand was unusually deep, much deeper than I had experienced before. I chose to grid search using disc 1 setting adjusting for no disc and close to all metal.
I found it nice how clean the sand was as I got no junk signals at all. After about 10 mins the AT gold got a nice signal in the gold range on the meter. Scooping out about 5 inches of sand produced this stunning rope gold chain! A look of relief was in his eyes as he came over to pull it from it’s hiding place, and shocked that it flew further than was thought. Now on Sunday his father will see him wearing it proudly despite his volleyball skills!