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Mercedes Key Fob Lost in the Sand at Manhattan Beach…Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Raj went for an early morning swim at the beach, and so to hide his key fob while he was in the water, he put it in a Ziplock bag, and buried it beneath his towel. His problem occurred when in a hurry to get back to his car, he grabbed the towel, and rushed to the parking lot. When he called, I let him know I would come right away because I know the county uses very good cleaning machines on that beach.

When I got there Raj met me, and took me out to the area of the loss. He wasn’t specifically sure of the exact location, so I asked him to mark off a generous area to search, and if I needed to expand the area I would. The area was fairly large, but I commenced my grid going pass by pass slow and sure to cover every inch of sand. I kept working, and then about halfway through, on the outer edge of his line, I found the fob. He was surely happy to know he could get on to his work with no delay. I was happy to be of help.

Don’t let the County beach cleaning machines take your lost valuable, call as soon as possible! I will work hard, using the most up to date metal detectors, to help you find what you thought might never be found again. I search, Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Northridge, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Venice Beach, Zuma Beach, and all parks, yards, gardens, and ponds (to 5 foot depths) in all of Orange County, all of Los Angeles County, Southern California, and Ventura County.


White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Found .. Malibu, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Pt. Dume State Beach, Malibu, CA. #2      ….  Saturday   April 4, 2015

I was at Pt. Dume State Beach on a ring search for Rachel. While waiting for people to leave the towel line search area. A lady walked up to me asking if she could use my services. This is what I call ” A Walk Up.” Her friend Joselyn had dropped her wedding ring set in the sand while putting on sunscreen. She was standing up when she dropped the two rings. ( less than 4 ft. ) The two ladies and their husbands searched for over two hours with their fingers finding only the smaller wedding band. They were amazed that the ring evaded their attempts to find it with their fingers in such a small area of sand.
Joselyn’s husband took off with the car to go into town trying to purchase a metal detector.
I walked over to the location in the sand near the parking lot. There was so much electrical noise interference I started to panic. I just thought I would listen to all those false signals hoping that my Minelab CTX 3030 could give me a solid signal. I got a good different sound and put my scoop into the sand. Up popped the beautiful engagement ring. Smiles and hugs made it a special occasion for all. Joselyn allowed me to set the ring back in the sand to take a photo, but she said she was afraid that it might get lost in the sand again. Her friend was glad they found the ring because she had to get to the airport for her flight back to England.
I went back to wait for people to leave so I could finish searching for the other lady’s engagement ring.