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Lost Gold Jewelry Cache Found In Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Diamond Ring Effect!

While most astronomy people in America today were looking for the ring pictured on the left, this nice lady was looking for a ring of another kind. She got in touch with me and mentioned that when her mom was ill had mentioned burying some family jewelry out behind the house awhile ago and wanted her to know about it. When I got on site I had noticed many empty holes where she had searched to no avail. I turned on my Sidewinder metal detector in all metal mode and as I gridded the suspected area I was anticipating that sweet threshold increase that means treasure in most cases. With a 90 degree temperature in the Detroit area today and the typical humidity, I got chills thinking that it won’t be too much longer until I got the target signal. The sidewinder finally signaled that metal was below and digging about a foot down my shovel hit metal! We both exclaimed there it is! at the same time as I pulled up a metal can. Handing it to her and watching her pry it opened couldn’t be fast enough! Contained inside and pictured was a beautiful 14k white gold ring, a 14k yellow gold cross with chain and a 14k white gold bracelet!

Then I said…now that’s the diamond ring effect I’m talkin’ bout!