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Lost White Gold Charm w/Diamond Birthstone Found In Birmingham Michigan

Detachment Disorder…..

….Patrick surprised his wife on one of their anniversaries with 4 birthstone charms for each of their children.

Wearing them proudly she eventually began to wear them as her regular jewelry. Although one child they fostered from infancy to young adult, they always felt that all 4 were theirs, especially more so now as the young adult went back to a biological family member. Feeling the loss, Patrick and his wife continued with their routine, including setting up the flower beds. While his wife was working the beds she felt her necklace snap and the birthstone charms disappeared. She was able to locate 3 of them but the one she couldn’t was the charm for the recently departed foster child. Feeling devastated on the loss of this particular charm and not being able to ever see or wear it again might make someone wonder if it was some sort of symbolic meaning. Upon arriving I thought it was quite an unusual event. Taking a read off another charm with my metal detector I set about searching the flower beds to no avail. Scanning over the white stones footpath I got a matching signal. Moving some stones out of the way revealed the missing charm! Patrick reached down to retrieve it and was totally in awe that it was found! Planning to surprise his wife with the news we were both happy that the forever family was reunited and the charms meanings will always remain an unbreakable bond close to her heart, never straying too far from the tree.