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I got a call from Dashawn today about his lost cell phone on the side of the road, off an exit. I had to hear this story first hand. He proceeded to tell me, while on his motorcycle, his phone was in his left inside pocket at the time. As he exited off the highway the between his speed and the wind it managed to somehow fly out!!! It went to his right side mind you….. He said, “he had find me follow me” but when he went to find his phone with it, his lost phone died. He was able to connect via bluetooth from his helmet before it died too. So we were able to get an approximate location range of where the phone should be laying.

I agreed to meet him at the location. After about 30 mins and about 30-40 feet, TO THE RIGHT, from where he had exited and lost his phone, His phone was found. He was so happy, excited and very grateful to have the old phone back in his hands!











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