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Lost White Gold Ring with Diamonds Found by Dowsing in Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Out Of Town Gold!

A very nice couple were visiting Detroit just over a week ago and he fell down twice in the snow, his gold ring flew off during the ordeal. Not only was the snow coming down but it was dark and ice was underneath as they walked towards their destination. I met them the next day and searched where they thought they were when he fell. Searching in the mind numbing cold air, ice and deep hard packed snow with my MXT… nothing showed up. They had to leave for home. I decided to wait till the predicted thaw came thru this upcoming week and go back. In the meantime I decided to do a photo dowse of the pic She sent me indicating the 2 locations where they thought they were, marked green and blue and a pic of the ring on his finger. Over the next few I days dowsed over the pic, going thru various procedures to see what may come up. I started to get some positive attraction spots around the green circled area. So today I ventured back to the area. Arriving on site there was quite a nice thaw and I fig I would have better conditions to search. The MXT and I first searched the blue circled area, nothing. So I strolled quickly over to the green circled area. As I did a very wide visual line of sight type scan I noticed an object sitting on the sidewalk. I started to pick up the pace and as I got upon it I could not believe what I saw! It was the 14k RING WITH DIAMONDS! plain as day sitting vertically on the sidewalk! It had been trapped for quite awhile in an icy tomb. I had to stop and breathe deeply… regaining my composure….I was within about 5 feet of where the dowsing indicated! and because I simply could not believe that no one saw the ring and walked off with it! I quickly texted the couple with the news and pics, picked up the ring and got out of there! I met the couples friend today as well and the pic of me was just before I turned it over to her to return it to them this weekend! I’m hoping to get a pic from them holding the ring but if not I’m glad they are able to look back at their visit to Detroit as enjoyable despite the temporary loss of their ring!