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Lost Gold Ring Found In Yard In Schwartz Creek Michigan

A Mother’s Day Surprise!

With a 50 yr. wedding anniversary closing in and today being Mother’s day the pictured gentleman has often wondered where his wedding ring was lost 3 years ago. Over the years many thoughts crossed his mind, was it lost on vacation?, in the yard?, in the car that’s now sold?, a public place?, ect.
Researching metal detectors left him uncertain as to how to operate the machine, leading to more frustration. Reaching out for help I talked with him Saturday and we decided to meet today to search the yard for starters. We picked several areas to search based on his recollection of the routine during the time of year he remembered the ring vanishing, which was late summer/early autumn mowing grass and dumping leaves, ect.
Knowing the type, size and karat of the ring, I knew from past searches the number that I was looking for was approx. +14/+16 on my MXT. I also knew that it would not be a surface find laying flat but rather could be vertically oriented and 2″-3″ or more under the surface. Gridding very carefully and checking for signals in that meter number range we worked our way back into a part of the yard where grass/leaves were dumped then roto-tilled for a garden. So after 3 yrs. if the ring was here, it could be deep. But no luck. Thinking we had ran out of luck, He went into the house to get some warm drinks. I decided to grid search back in the other direction from where we came, the 6 sq. ft. area which I hadn’t searched I got a very narrow but solid signal and a +16 on the meter, 2″ depth, sweeping 90 deg. I got a bit wider signal with same depth. Cutting a plug around the signal I heard my steel digger meet another metal object! Prying gently upward out popped this very stunning white 14k gold ring with an awesome custom engraving that was oriented 45 deg. just under the grass root base! While I was waiting for him I took a few pics and when he arrived I pointed down and asked him if that metal object looked familiar. He leaned over, and reaching down pulled the shiny ring from the dirt, holding it up and smiling I said who is this happy man? Your not the person who I met at the door! Taking a few more pics and chatting, he was anticipating the wife returning home to present this surprise, and share the story of the recovery with her and family for years to come!