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Lost Keys In The Grass At Park Found In Ann Arbor Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Happy Tail!

This pretty, pictured young lady and her dog Dracula were out walking today exercising his recently injured elbow. Prepared with treats and toys they set out on their usual route. Her hand in her pocket, the other on the leash and in amongst the tug of war rope and other interesting dogs at the park, Dracula pulled and bolted towards some potential new furry friends and her keys fell out of her pocket. Quite distraught as this was her full set to lock/unlock everything the thought of further play was replaced with her searching for them to no avail in the large shaggy grass area in question. Add to this the groundskeeper was scheduled to mow the grass. He agreed to hold off a bit until I got there to search.
I chose to start the search at the end of their walk and work backwards based on her description of the events. Sweeping the coil quickly over large areas of grass I got the usual junk signals typically encountered at a park. After about 10 min I got a good signal at about 3″ deep which would put a target at or near the ground surface cus’ the grass being so deep. Checking the target with my pin pointer revealed her set of keys! Her back was to me quite far away so I started to shake the keys and she turned around, came running back to me with dog in tow and as she took them from me, Dracula’s tail was going wild showing his excitement of the find, a happy tail….reassuring us that all was well again!