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Lost Silver Ring Found In The Sand in Troy Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


The pictured young man and his friends were having a volleyball game late Saturday afternoon. During the game it started raining, not a light rain but torrential downpour that fell upon the metro Detroit area into early Sunday morning. Running for cover his ring came off.
The ring was a special gift from his mom. Using a metal detector to find it yielded no results. When we talked this morning I suggested we meet asap before anything else unforeseen comes upon us. When I got to the playing field it was flooded with at least 6″ of water in some spots.
On went the boots. Searching with my MXT I was looking for a high meter signal based on the composition he said the ring was. The sand was clean no trash signals but lots of small iron signals much deeper than the ring should be. I set the disc. for nickel which quieted the detector down and kept gridding the volleyball court. After a few minutes I got a mid meter signal with a depth of 6″ from the top of a water pocket. Probing down into the water and thru the sand with the pin pointer caused it to buzz. Reaching down and pulling the item to the surface against the pin pointer revealed this gorgeous silver alloy ring with a sparkly emerald setting! I signaled for him to come over and without removing his shoes he ran to where I was. Reaching down into the sand he lifted it to the sky in a scoring manner, totally thrilled that the event was not a total washout. We chatted a bit, took a few pics and as the rain came down again we headed for our cars.