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Lost Platinum Ring In The Leaves Found In Rochester Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

She Couldn’t Beleaf Her Eyes!

The pictured lady’s husband and children were enjoying a typical Detroit area autumn weekend this past Saturday, raking the final drop of leaves into piles, jumping and rolling around in them, but while enjoying the cool crisp air filled with the scent of orange, brown, red and yellow foliage his ring came off.
Thoughts of not finding it after they searched started to take root, with many disagreenments on where it could be, as he had to take a leaf of absence today on a business trip. Taking a leaf of faith she branched out to seek help. When we talked I assured her that I fernly beleaf that I will find it, there was no treety to sign and all that was needed was a qualitree search, and just leaf the work to me. Pushing my electronic rake thru the various piles I got a nice signal in a deep patch of leaves.
Brushing them aside, as the platinum ring came into view we both exclaimed…Son of a birch! There it is!… as she stared in disbeleaf!
After a few pics, hot chocolate and enjoying turning over a new leaf I said, well I’ll leaf you alone now, there’s not mushroom for me to contreebute.