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Lost Silver Ring and White Gold with Diamonds Engagement Ring Found in Clinton Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Happier THIRD Anniversary!

This very nice couple lost the big diamond part of their engagement rings while doing yardwork and gardening about a week ago. Understandingly they have been extremely stressed out over the loss. Her hands were wet washing dirt off her hands and moving yard tools around. She was scooping dirt and throwing it into the garden bed and afterwards noticed part of the ring was gone. When I spoke with him/her she thought the ring could be between the garden and shed further east in the yard. As we made arrangements to meet today she mentioned it was their 3rd anniversary today and wouldn’t it be nice to find the missing ring.
I agreed to come by and before I arrived they re-inacted what they thought happened by throwing a silver ring with gemstones in the general trajectory of where she thought the white gold ring went. So now I had 2 rings to find!
We all searched along the fence and nothing came up so I started in the garden and right away the silver ring revealed itself!
They were amazed and felt this was giving us hope the gold ring would be found as they said they searched the garden bed and nothing came up. I visually extended the line from where she was standing over and past the silver ring and started my grid search. Nothing in the garden but just outside the garden 20 feet from the silver ring I got a clear +14 on my MXT meter I knew from past searches this was the range of where this type of ladies white gold registers at! Using my Garrett carrot I scanned and got a nice tight spot and the vibration of the pinpointer said look here! Under the grass this really pretty and sentimental ring shined upward at me! As you can see they both were so relieved at having the ring back and can move forward with happiness as the wedding is planned for spring 2019! As for today tho I strongly suggested a celebration!
And in fact should celebrate all month!