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Lost Keys Found in the Snow in Farmington Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The “Key” to savings is…………Finding the Key!

This pretty, young lady placed a call with me frantically wondering if a metal detector would help find a lost key in the snow.
So I said uh yes, sure it would!
I arranged a meeting on site to check out what the story was centered around and found out she was walking the dog out back of the condo and somewhere her vehicle key came out of pocket while wrestling with the rambunctious dog.
I set up the MXT and put it in no disc coin mode and was wondering how it would do in this cold weather in SE Michigan.
I had just put in fresh batteries since my last set was reading 9 and I didn’t like that knowing the machine was going to be working harder in the cold.
I search for about half hour along the trails her and the dog made in the 5 inch deep snow but came up with nothing.
I noticed she drove a ford suv and I had my Ford work 4×4 truck key on me and it came to me to take a read on that since it was basically the same key and to see what the MXT had to show.
So in one sweep direction it came up as ferrous but a 90 deg. sweep came up non ferrous. Ok so now I had better idea of what to look for based on the numbers displayed on the meter.
So I made some more sweeps starting from the patio and bam! there it was in an area I hadn’t gone over!
Her smile really tells the story tho and finding the key saved her around $200
The MXT proved to be a real trooper in this cold weather and I won’t hesitate to take it out on another adventure!