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Lost Titanium Ring Found In The Grass In Perrysburg Ohio

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Don’t Be Sod, Help Is On The Way…….

….was the last words spoken to Tae as I was heading to see him early this morning. Upon arrival he told me he was attempting to multitask yesterday as warm temperatures and sunny weather inspired him to start his yard cleanup projects. Sometime during the mulching, tree planting and roaming the yard his ring came off. Turning on and go with my MXT metal detector had me grid searching the yard in no time. Scanning over the clean ground in thick grass I got a signal on the MXT meter in the range of where his ring should be. Probing thru the grizzly mass with my small pinpointer metal detector verified the signal….a gorgeous titanium ring with small diamond chips inlayed! Holding it up Tae raced over quickly and was thrilled that his lawnmower didn’t find it first. With the recovery gaining him home turf advantage, he’s back on solid ground with his lawn ‘n’ order!