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Lost Rose Gold Cartier Bracelet Found in Oakland Township Oakland County Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Hot To Trot!

When these two lovely ladies met it was love at first sight. This young horse jumper fell in love with Stacie’s beautiful chocolate eyes, brown coat and silky mane. They spent many hours practicing and bonding with one another. Having to take a break during quarantine her owner was excited once again to get back in the saddle. But little did she know that this jump session was gonna stirrup some trouble. Mounting up they could feel the excitement as they approached the base of the jump and taking off towards the sky, they made it over with a successful landing. Completing a few more rounds before dark settled in, she noticed her very much beloved bracelet given to her by a friend was missing. After chatting I giddyupped as fast as I could to the horse arena. When I arrived, I set up my MXT and started to grid search the path she took. Bit by bit I uncovered many horse hardware items and held them up to show her. I even tried to get info straight from the horse’s mouths of Stacie’s friends with my electronic carrot but the look they gave showed me that I had no horse sense whatsoever! Almost reaching the end of the circle I got a nice shallow signal. Pinpointing and scraping about 2 inches of gravelly sand revealed a portion of the bracelet! Sensing I was taking longer the horse jumper ran to me exclaiming…..Do you think that’s it? I’m beginning to wonder if it came off somewhere else! I said hay girl.. hold your horses….look at that strange horseshoe! Reaching down she slowly pulled the bracelet from the sand. As a sigh of relief came over her, she started jumping up and down wildly and it felt like the thundering hoofs of stampeding stallions. After a quick rinse and polish the pretty gleam of the rose gold bracelet came thru with flying colors. I turned and said my my, I love how these stables have turned!