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Lost Gold Ring Found In The Snow In Oak Park Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Corona Gold

During these turbulent and unsettling times, all of us are challenged with the task of getting what we need to survive while staying safe.
Amongst the changes in the natural rhythm of our routines, things get lost, including jewelry. Today, the pictured gentleman and his wife were simply bringing groceries from the garage to the house during a brief snowfall in the Detroit area this afternoon. When they got settled in the house he noticed his ring missing. He feared it came off at the store and didn’t know who to turn to for help. When I was on the way to him, we talked on the phone. I assured him I practiced safe swinging!
I suggested we check the area he crossed over from garage to house. It was a small area. Searching in a grid pattern my MXT started to chatter back junk metal signals. About 6 feet from where he was walking the MXT sang out with that all familiar sweet, mellow sound of gold. I reached down into the layer of snow and pulled up this lovely, cold, corona gold colored ring! I said to him even the ring is practicing social distancing!, and in my opinion, this virus has done what no other woman has been able to do, which is to be able to close all the bars, take away the sports and keep her man at home all the time! We laughed and following suit we celebrated with a refreshing, cold Corona gold colored beverage!
Be Safe Out There Everyone!