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Lost Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamonds Found in Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The First 24

9-1-19 8:00pm EST:
The pictured couple just finished dinner at their marina and he pops the question.
9-1-19 10:00pm EST:
After a couple hours of celebrating, dancing, the couple moves onto the wooden plank deck casually strolling towards their pleasure craft.
9-2-19 12:00am EST:
The couple visit with the wedding party on the boat, discussing details and proceed back and forth from the marina bar, approx. 100 feet away.
9-2-19 2:00am EST:
Couple standing on the wood deck next to boat chatting. She begins to fiddle with the ring and it comes off. They feel it went thru the opening between the deck planks and into the water.
9-2-19 11:00am EST:
I answered their call regarding the loss.
9-2-19 12:30pm EST:
We all arrive on the scene and they said they hadn’t been engaged even 24 hrs and the ring was gone!
9-2-19 12:45pm EST:
They said that a local scuba diver came by to look with all apparatus to do a night search but to no avail.
9-2-19 1:00pm EST:
I complete my site investigation, safety conditions, determined depth of water was 6 feet deep, and prepare to scuba.
9-2-19 1:30pm EST:
I walk back to vehicle to get more gear, wondering why the other diver didn’t find it, being that the bottom wasn’t mucky but quite firm with good water clarity.
9-2-19 2:00pm EST:
Just got back to the location on the deck and overheard the couple chatting if we were in correct location to search.
9-2-19 2:15 – 2:30pm EST:
We paused and took a wider look at the deck looking for spots that were wide enough for the ring to go thru.
9-2-19 2:30 EST:
Future husband and I spot something wedged into a deck plank not matching the nail patterns.
9-2-19 2:35pm EST:
We bend down for a closer look and we saw THE RING! wedged deep into a crack in the wood plank! In a very dangerous place! We all screamed that there’s no way this was it! but it was! (see in the pic the small shiny item next to my knife blade)
9-2-19 2:40pm EST:
We decided to move our weight off the plank and I proceeded to feel under the plank to see if the crack went all the way thru. It didn’t so I removed the ring with my knife by carefully prying the wood open a bit to release it and lifting the stunning platinum ring to safety!
9-2-19 3:00 pm EST:
It was time to celebrate! We concluded that the ring came off and someone stepped on it pressing it into the plank in the dark when they were looking for it.
9-2-19 3:30 pm EST:
After a few pics of the find and thrilled that the ring was back in it’s safe place we all decided that this was a great sign that their marriage can withstand many trials as they live happily ever after!
9-2-19 7:30 pm EST
I still can’t believe that the ring didn’t go into the water! This has to be my most luckiest find thus far! All within the first 24!