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Lost Yellow / White Gold Ring Found in West Bloomfield Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Bongo Daddy

The pictured man and his son were enjoying some time together in the cool air today at a school playground.

Many things were available to play on and reminded the dad of his childhood playground. As he looked past the swings, slide, and merry-go-round…. peering deeper thru the monkey bars, something caught his eye….Bongos!

As the son was occupied, dad zoomed over to the bongos and placed his hands on them. Slowly his fingers of each hand began to tap out a melody. As the tempo increased his hands started to lay down a beat that would make Ricky Ricardo blush. Totally mesmerized in the moment as the song reached a crescendo a few final thumps concluded his solo jam session. Stepping back he was satisfied that he didn’t miss a beat but suddenly realized that what was missing was his ring! When I arrived he had no idea which way it flew. I set up my MXT and started a grid search in the trajectory which I thought made sense. Scanning over the wood chips it was nice for a change not to find junk items. After about 5 minutes and 10 feet away from the bongos I got a clear signal that said good metal! Reaching down thru the wood chips revealed his beautiful yellow/white gold ring! As he reached down to pick it up he called his son over who gave two thumbs up on the find and said maybe we should wait on the bongo lessons for you Dad!