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3 Lost White Gold Rings with Diamonds and Garnets Found In La Salle Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

3 Ring Circus!….

….Is how Becki described her Saturday entertainment event. Attractions included 2 dogs, BBQ’s, inground pool, horseshoes, bonfire, volleyball, water balloons, friends dog’s, badminton, toddlers and pre teens wandering about, ect. When it all ended about 3am Sunday morning, she realized her rings were missing. On site today she also remembered that she was carrying food, bags of ice and was greeting people at the fence gate. As I started my grid search with my MXT metal detector I told her I hope she will like my act. She laughed and proceeded to take her children to school. Foot by foot I eliminated areas and for quite awhile I got no signals on the metal detector.

Then I got one, near the deck stairs in the grass. Pinpointing the target and reaching down revealed the white gold ring with the garnets. I left it in place, marked the spot and continued on. About 10 feet away another good signal in the grass revealed the engagement band. Leaving it in place and marking the spot I kept grid searching and 20 feet from the engagement band I got a softer but solid signal, pin pointing in the grass revealed the thin wedding band! As Becki pulled into the driveway and came thru the gate I said step right up don’t be shy, you won’t believe your eyes! As I took her to each location her smiles got bigger and bigger! and even tho her Saturday event wasn’t exactly the big top, she agreed that today was the best show on earth!