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Lost Tungsten and Palladium Ring Found In Yard In Sterling Heights Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Alley OOPS!

During halftime Saturday between Michigan and Michigan State the pictured man and his children hit their backyard court for some 2 on 2 hoopin’ and during the excitement as he caught the passed ball with feet up off the ground to slam dunk his tungsten palladium ring flew off.
Minutes were ticking away before the second half of the real game was back on and as he sat down he noticed the ring missing. So for a couple days he reenacted what was going on and couldn’t find the ring. Part of the trajectory they thought put the ring out into the road area and a grass island.
They even raked up last Octobers leaves and still no ring. When I talked with him Tuesday night we agreed to meet today and go over the area with my metal detector. He was at work and was going to be on his way so a relative and I went over where they thought the ring could be. It didn’t take me long to sweep the area in question with my bigfoot coil but nothing came up. The relative went back into the house for a few while I thought out a new strategy. Since I covered where they thought it could be I thought maybe someone saw it in the street and walked off with it. But my feeling was to check back behind the net and wood privacy fence. As I did a grid search I was running out of ground when suddenly about 10 feet from the back of the net I got a nice +47 signal and I knew from past tungsten ring finds this had to be it! Firing up the Garrett carrot and running it over the grass I got a nice vibration and sifting thru the grass and leaves revealed this stunning tungsten and palladium ring! I texted him the pic as he was already on the road coming home and was super thrilled! So even tho their team didn’t get the win, we had a real win on the home court…turning March Madness to March Gladness!