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Lost White Gold Ring In The Snow Found In Livonia Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Keeping Their Flame Burning

Got a call from newlywed Aaron this afternoon said his ring came off in the deep snow that fell upon the Detroit area recently. It happened when he ran outside with the dog to grab a few logs for the fireplace and after a few snowballs and fetch he noticed the ring missing when he got back indoors. Using a loaner detector brought no luck. When I arrived I noticed the area him and the dog were and began to set up my MXT. Slicing thru the 8 inch snow and deeper drifts with my bigfoot coil revealed nothing. So I began a wider search pattern and back by the log pile next to the garage the detector gave a sweet signal. Brushing the snow aside revealed this beautiful white/yellow gold ring glistening in the snow! I waved him over and he could not believe it was that far off from where he was with the dog.

Perfect timing as he had a meeting to get to for work. He thanked me and I said I was glad to help keep their flame burning and wished them the best in their new life together.