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Lost White Tungsten Carbide Brushed Ring Found In Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Rapunzel Throw Down Your……… Ring?

What?? That’s not how that fairy tale goes, and this story was no fairy tale for this nice young wife who wasn’t trapped in a tower but rather found herself high above in their castle’s balcony playing catch with their son on the ground. She decided to wear hubby’s ring while he was raking leaves and playing with the dogs thinking it would not fall off into the colorful foliage. As the youngster got further from the balcony the tossing of the ball back and forth needed more thrust to reach him as he zig-zagged around the yard. Suddenly she noticed the ring was gone and quite a few minutes had passed so she wasn’t sure where it may have gone. I answered her request to come by and find it. When I got on site I followed the trajectory based on where she was throwing the ball from the balcony with my MXT and lots of junk targets came up just below the grass. Finally about 30 feet from the balcony I got a nice clear signal +52 and brushing the leaves around with the pinpointer revealed this beautiful white tungsten carbide brushed ring! As you can see the king, queen and prince of the castle were elated with the recovery, the youngster loved using the detector and everyone lived happily ever after!