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Lost White Gold Ring with Diamonds Found in Royal Oak Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Lil’ Big Wheels….

……Is what this pictured mom refers to her cutie daughter as when she wants to ride her trike. After preschool today the lil’ one was anxious to get home to go for a ride. As mom was taking items into the house , off went the lil’ cutie to cruise the yard. As mom was doing chores, she heard a scream from the back yard. Running out to see what the issue was she saw her daughter had a wipeout and fell off the trike. Mom came running and assisted her off the grass and into the house to settle down and clean up. A couple hours later mom noticed her ring was missing. When I talked with her we agreed to meet this afternoon. I searched the path she ran from the house with no signal from my MXT. After learning the trike had not been moved since the accident I decided to check around the crash scene. Moving the tipped over trike and scanning revealed this very attractive white gold and diamonds ring just below the grass! After returning to the house and returning the ring Mom was thrilled to have it back!
Lil’ Big Wheels was excited to get back on the road and continue learning to ride although Mom is apprehensive for what the future holds regarding riding in traffic, using hand signals and avoiding unfriendly dogs!