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2 Lost White Gold Rings In The Lake Found In Waterford Township, Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Swingers Club!

Got your attention? Rhetorically, what thoughts come to mind when you think about a swingers club? 🙂

Well don’t get too excited…. because this pictured, pretty, young lady and her friends were making a scene of their own yesterday after work.
Taking advantage of the mid 90’s temps in the Detroit area they decided to visit a favorite spot to cool off, complete with a rope swing hanging from a sturdy tree. When I got there today it totally reminded me of the old swimming holes with the tires hanging off a spindly rope that as a kid I would love to sneak off to. Add to that a docked pontoon boat and as I searched, the scent of a charcoal grill with burgers and hotdogs cooking drifting across the water was the true smells of summer that made me realize how short the summer season is.
She recalled swinging out a few times and on the last swing she noticed hers rings were gone! I grid searched the area and looking down in the clear water I saw the shape of a ring on the sandy bottom just barely under the surface. As my coil went over the shape it sang out scoop me! Pulling up the scoop filled with sand and swishing it in the water revealed these 2 beautiful white gold rings! I held them up to her and from the shore I swear she walked on water to get to them! She and her friends were totally thrilled and asked me to join the club, and without hesitation I did and have never felt so ….. COOL !!