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Lost Sanitary Sewer Manhole and Lid Found in Oxford Michigan

A Dirty Job……

….awaits Kevin tomorrow, but first he needed the manhole located so a camera can be used to find the problem.

He examined some old drawings which led him to an approximate area. Looking at the ground it appeared that the manhole was covered over by about 2 feet of soil then topped with sod years ago. I first checked for property markers to help establish the width of the easement. I elected to use my 2-box metal detector thinking the manhole lid was deep. I received no signal on the supposed deep location. Gridding with the metal detector perpendicular to the known sewer line and moving towards the septic field I was about 20 feet from the main line when the 2-box metal detector sounded off. Boxing in the signal and poking my probe bar into the ground we heard a nice hollow metal sound representing the manhole lid. Digging the sod around the circle shape revealed the rusty lid of the manhole just below the sod! Thrilled about finding the manhole but not about the upcoming job, I let Kevin off easy by not having him pull the lid and posing with it for a picture!