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Lost Electronic Car Key.. Dockwieler State Beach, Playa Del Rey, CA. .. Recovered from Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Jimmy and his wife Kimberly had come to Dockweiler State Beach to enjoy the evening with a fire on the beach. SoCalif. beaches have 100’s of fire pits on our beaches and they are in most cases very well kept.

That evening Jimmy played frizby with his daughter. He believed his Mercedes electronic key fob with several important keys fell from the pocket of his jacket while running around near the fire pit site.
The next day he returned to the location with a rake. After several hours of raking ( have you ever raked a football field?) Somebody suggested he call TheRingFinders. That’s when I got involved. We met on the beach and he showed me a large ( 1/2 football field size area )

I was sure that I could find it but not sure how long it would take. Sometimes you pick the right place to start your grid and it’s a short search. Jimmy had wanted me to start in one place and his wife was sure it was in another place.¬†They had a dinner reservations so they couldn’t stay.

I can concentrate better on my grid while searching by myself. Thirty minutes later, Bingo ! Keys in the scoop.. His wife was right which made her happy and Jimmy was happy he didn’t have to tell his boss he had lost the work keys. .. It was a good search because I also had a chance to check out my XP Deus in some highly mineralized conditions with a lot of iron bits ( mostly nails ).
I called them with the good news and dropped the keys off at their house.

We don’t write up our no find stories. I have many, if the item isn’t there, it can’t be found. I will try anyway just because I know I can find it, if it’s hiding there. Love the challenge!