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Lost iPhone Sunset Beach, Tarpon Springs, Fl….Found!!

  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)

Steve Thomas

Dunedin Ring Finder

Lost a ring or other metal valuable in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside, playing with the dog or swimming? Please call me ASAP at (843) 995-4719. I offer a free metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated upon recovery!

I was reading posts on a local social media page when I noticed that a person named Diana had posted that her son had lost his iPhone in the water at a local beach earlier in the day. I reached out to Diana who told me she was going to be back at the beach later that same day at low tide to do another search. I told her that I would meet her on site at 6:30pm to assist with the search which would be in knee deep rather than chest deep water at that time. When I arrived at Sunset Beach, I met Diana and several other members of her family including her son Gabriel who had lost the phone after only having it about two weeks! Diana showed me the area where they believed Gabriel may have lost his phone which included several hundred feet of beach out to about knee deep where a layer of sea grass began. I began my search down the shoreline from the starting point given to me by Diana by detecting the wet sand and very shallow water and I would move closer to the sea grass on my return sweep. I had not been searching for much longer that ten minutes when I heard several yells behind me. I turned around and saw Diana holding up Gabriel’s phone which she had found in the sea grass near my search start point! She told me that she had seen the phone in the clear water due to a reflection of sunlight. Diana gave the phone to Gabriel and he was overjoyed to see that it still worked even after soaking in the water all day. Later, Diana posted on social media that the phone had been found and gave me credit for helping with the phone search and a lot of positive publicity for what the Ring Finders do.

Diana, so happy you found Gabriel’s phone and thank you for all of your kind words!








Many said she was out of luck, phone lost in remote lake and recovered!

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
One adventurous morning, Anne decided to take her son on a paddle boarding adventure. 45 minutes into paddling they entered into a beautiful bay. They decided to go for a swim but when she got off her board, she found herself up to her knees in branches and silt. This is when she lost her phone and saw it fall and disappear quickly. She tried and tried to find it with no luck. She returned with a non waterproof detector that she borrowed to no avail. She tried fishing with a magnet and nothing. She even returned with a hand held underwater detector and scuba gear and again no luck. A lot of people told her she would probably never see it again. She had two years of precious photos and memories she didn’t want to give up on.
I headed off Saturday morning with a friend of mine Jeff. We met up with Anne at 10:30 AM at a really remote location. We paddled through a lake, then into a channel that brought us to a bay. Anna showed us where she had lost her phone. It looked to be in 4 feet of water but when I stepped in, It took me by surprise, I sunk to my knees. Immediately the water turned black and I had no visibility. Oh I knew we were in for a challenge. Jeff and I gridded the area for over an hour and a half without a signal. So we decided to expand the search area a little bit. We set ourselves 10 feet further back. This is when Jeff had a slamming signal and called me over. Jeff put his foot over it and I dove down, grabbed his leg to anchor myself and started feeling around with the pointer. It started vibrating and I grabbed a handful of gunk and could feel I had something and out came a phone! First thing I noticed was this one had a blue case. I told Jeff I was sure she said hers was yellow. He looks at me and said “are you messing with me?” How could another phone be lost in such a remote location! Sure enough it wasn’t hers.. We kept searching for another three hours! I said to Jeff I’m ready to call it a day but one more pass. This time I was on the paddle board and I got a signal that had to be the phone. I jammed the paddle in the bottom as I drifted away from the signal. Jeff came over quickly and grabbed the paddle. Placed his foot over the target and pulled the paddle out. I dove down again grabbing his leg to anchor myself.
I could feel the shape of the phone and this time, upon surfacing, it had a yellow case! She shook with excitement when she saw it! She was so happy to finally have it back. It really pays to be persistent, she accomplished something many people didn’t think she could.
Another great recovery! Video of recovery can be seen here


Lost IPhone 13 in Dimond Lake…FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Andrew was tying up his family’s pontoon boat, when he bent over to grab the rope, his iPhone 13 slipped out of his shirt pocket and dove into the water. Andrew tried to dive down and find the phone without any success. Andrew turned to the computer and started researching metal detectors. After becoming overwhelmed with the idea, he decided to look up underwater metal detector rentals in his area . The Ring Finders website popped up with the answer he needed. So I got a text from Andrew today about his lost phone. We spoke on the phone and made arrangements for me to show up later that day. After arriving and putting on all my snorkeling gear I quickly made my way to where he said he bent over to grab the rope. Scanning around with my Equinox 800 I had very few targets and I knew that his phone would sing to me if I went over it. After about two minutes of detecting I got a symphony of sound in my headphones. I dove down two different times and the second, I came up with his iPhone 13. I’m completely thrilled with the reward you gave me Andrew and I really hope after drying your phone it turns on. Those iPhones are amazing when it comes to being waterproof.