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Lost IPhone 13 in Dimond Lake…FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Andrew was tying up his family’s pontoon boat, when he bent over to grab the rope, his iPhone 13 slipped out of his shirt pocket and dove into the water. Andrew tried to dive down and find the phone without any success. Andrew turned to the computer and started researching metal detectors. After becoming overwhelmed with the idea, he decided to look up underwater metal detector rentals in his area . The Ring Finders website popped up with the answer he needed. So I got a text from Andrew today about his lost phone. We spoke on the phone and made arrangements for me to show up later that day. After arriving and putting on all my snorkeling gear I quickly made my way to where he said he bent over to grab the rope. Scanning around with my Equinox 800 I had very few targets and I knew that his phone would sing to me if I went over it. After about two minutes of detecting I got a symphony of sound in my headphones. I dove down two different times and the second, I came up with his iPhone 13. I’m completely thrilled with the reward you gave me Andrew and I really hope after drying your phone it turns on. Those iPhones are amazing when it comes to being waterproof.