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Hearing Aid Lost in Yard in La Canada, CA…Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I was out on the bike path of the beach yesterday getting some exercise when I received a call from Eric. Eric explained to me that he had been in his yard with some friends the other day when somehow his new hearing aid fell from his ear into the grass. He told me how they had searched, but were unable to find it. We arranged to meet today to do the search.

I got to his house as soon as I was able, and met Eric. He had his remaining hearing aid in a “Zip Lock” bag waiting for me so I could check to see if my detector would be able to pick it up. I laid it out on the grass of his yard, and scanned it, there was enough metal for it to see. I then checked it with my pin pointer, also a good signal. Eric showed me where he had been most of the day, so I began my search checking each good signal, but it was not in that area. I then began moving out of the box. Eric showed me where he had raked the leaves and debris to the edge, so I made sure to check there as well, no hearing aid. As soon as I moved out of the area he had showed me I got another good signal, put in my pin pointer, and there it was. The color was somewhat neutral, so it really blended in with the surrounding grass and dirt, but there it was. I brought it over to Eric, who was very happy to have it found. I was great to be able to help him out; a fine day!

Eric sent the following testimonial:

“I cannot say enough about how lucky I feel that I found Steve Smith via Ringfinders network. A relatively new and expensive hearing aid somehow fell out of my ear while having a small , “social distancing” cocktail with friends in our backyard recently. My wife and I raked and raked the grass with expectation that we would find it-but failed. I then decided to try to rent a metal detector to search again by myself-but, found that to be a tough process. And, as my new hero Steve pointed out, I would have had trouble learning how to use it. I found Steve via a Google Search and the rest was history. We live in Pasadena area Foothills-which is a long schlep for Steve-but he drove over the next day. He is a class act and a real gentleman and he found the device after almost an hour of very dedicated searching. My only “quibble” with Steve’s services is that he lets the customer decide on payment. I decided to both pay him, and then make a donation to a charity that he chose. Eric”


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