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Lost Silver Ring with Diamonds In The Snow Found In Southgate Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Family Tradition

This pictured gentleman lost his beautiful ring in the snow playing with the kids last week when enroute to his brothers birthday party…..
The story began when over the years a family member would do something for everyone when an important event happened in the family, whether it was something joyful or sad they always came together to help cope or celebrate. Last November their sister became ill and passed away.
Since she loved jewelry, the other brother bought everyone a piece of jewelry in remembrance.
Because of the heavy snow last week we did search last Friday, until we called it off, deciding to let the 2 foot drifts thaw a bit.
Even tho my bigfoot coil can cut thru the snow very effortlessly, the weight of the snow kept it from using it in that way at full potential.
When we met up this morning quite a bit of snow had melted down enough to do a better search. He remembered throwing snow with both hands in a forward motion and thought it was in that direction. Being that it was dark at the time it flew off, a true trajectory wasn’t for sure. He thought also that it had come off in another spot they were playing. I set up my MXT and started gridding the most likely areas he thought it was. He was nervously pacing around….with thoughts of having to move on March 1st hoping he wouldn’t have to leave it behind or that someone else may have found it. Knowing it was a silver ring I was looking for MXT meter reads in that area. When nothing came up I searched the areas behind where he was. My Nessie toy that hangs off my MXT has always brought me luck on these searches and after a few more sweeps I got a nice loud +77 and a depth of 4 inches. Getting a feeling this was it, I scraped the snow away with my garrett carrot and spotted the top portion of the ring, a nice onyx and diamonds reflecting back at me! I yelled over to him and the wife and son also came running! Encased in ice, I carefully removed the gorgeous ring and handed it to him who was still in shock that it was found! We took it into the house to thaw and examine for any damage. All looked good and now him and the family can move on, not just to a new home, but with their family tradition!