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Lost Gold and Platinum Ring Found in Fort Gratiot Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

One Of My “Hits” Went GOLD and PLATINUM!

Well, not musically speaking….lol but on this gorgeous 14k yellow gold and hammered platinum size 10 ring!
This new adventure got started with a call today from this nice lady who was on the beach making sand castles with her 7 y/o son.
The ring was left at home and they went back to get it.
It was her husbands and she put it on her thumb so they wouldn’t lose it. After resting on a blanket she got up and was brushing sand off their son and themselves when the ring came off. They also bought a 1980’s compass detector at a yard sale but only picked up nails in the area of where they thought the ring may be.
I enjoyed seeing that old compass detector it brought back memories of when I used those detectors back then. I set up my MXT and swept the area and got a few pulltabs then got a repeatable signal reading +47 and +52 at 0 depth and reaching down in the cool sand revealed this beautiful specimen!
Their son was excited about what a detector could do so I adjusted the compass detector so they can get the best performance when they take it out again.
Her smile tells the story and for now I will just have to keep working on my songwriting!